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Cebu pacific starts new evening flights from Dumaguete

Discussion in 'Tourist Information' started by DavyL200, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. DavyL200

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    Cebu Pacific has announced it will start evening flights to and from the Dumaguete-Sibulan Airport effective Friday, July 7.

    In a statement, Cebu Pacific said it will be mounting three additional round-trip flights weekly between Manila and Dumaguete, with the last flight leaving Manila at 5:20pm, and arriving in Dumaguete at 6:50pm.

    The return flight will depart Dumaguete at 8 pm.

    All flights will utilize Cebu Pacific’s 180-seater A320 aircraft, with its lowest year-round fare available at only P1,643.

    Currently, Cebu Pacific flies 21 times weekly between Manila and Dumaguete; and 14 times a week between Cebu and Dumaguete, through the wholly-owned subsidiary Cebgo.

    “We laud the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, the Department of Transportation, and other aviation authorities for their drive to improve the operational efficiency of our airport ecosystem in the country. Increasing the number of airports with night-flying capability would help promote tourism and improve connectivity within the country,” said Atty. JR Mantaring, vice president for Corporate Affairs of Cebu Pacific.

    “Moreover, increasing the number of airports with night operations will allow Cebu Pacific, along with other carriers, the leeway to spread flight times and will in turn improve aircraft movement and traffic at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport during the peak hours.”

    Cebu Pacific flies to 37 domestic and 26 international destinations, with over 104 routes spanning Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and USA.

    It operates flights out of six strategically-placed hubs in the Philippines: Clark in Angeles City, Davao, Kalibo, Cebu, Iloilo, and Manila. (PR)
    CebPac starts night flights in Dumaguete
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    I wish they would fly direct from Australia to Dumaguete/Cebu instead of flying to Manila then having to fly back to Dumaguete...
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  3. Notmyrealname

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    Parachute Brian ... and politely ask them to route via Dumaguete? :smile:
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