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Read Me Mexican Standoff

Discussion in 'Dining - Nightlife - Entertainment' started by Wrye83, Dec 20, 2016.

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  1. Wrye83

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    Things have gotten a bit "spicy" recently so there will be a few new rules put in place until things cool down:
    • Topics about Mexican food are strictly off limits.
    • Restobar owners will not use the forum to promote their bar, events or specials.
    • Reviews of a restobar should be made in a thread linked to the restobar's Showcase page (or another existing thread).
    Applies to all restobars, no exceptions. DI Members may post about their own personal events being held at a local restobar (as long as they aren't the owner of the restobar). If you are posting a personal event please make sure the name of the event is the only thing in the title of the thread.

    However, there is a restobar that will not be allowed to be spoken about on the forum any longer due to the large number of headaches it has caused me in the past and again recently. If you try to mention it the forum software will automatically replace the name with "*******". If you try to circumvent the forum software you will find your post getting deleted and your future posts will need to be approved by a moderator until you stop doing that.

    This will not be a popular decision and I will take (more) flak for it but it is what it is. I've committed to that decision and I'm ready for whatever consequences it may bring. This thread is closed for a reason; the topic is not up for debate.
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