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Mabinay: the cave town of Negros Oriental

  Mabinay is a municipality in the middle part of Negros Oriental. It is the second largest town in the province of Negros Oriental. It is halfway from to Dumaguete and Bacolod. It is the center and the borderline of Negros Oriental. You can either go to the southern part of the Negros Island going to Bayawan City or to the northern part, going to Bacolod. The next city beside Mabinay ...
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Stay Fit in Dumaguete City

Track and field in Dumaguete
Stay Fit in Dumaguete: Do you want to be fit or do you want to stay fit? Do you want to lose some excess pounds? Do you want to jog around a place where it is safe but challenging? If yes, then Dumaguete City is the right place for you. This city is not just known to be the City of Gentle People but it also known to offer a lot of nice experiences and activities. Aside from the fact that Duma...
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Basdaku Beach Moalboal

Beach at Moalboal
Basdaku Beach, Moalboal: I am from Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental but I do love to travel and go out on adventures. So together with my friends, we went to Moalboal Cebu. Our trip last February 2015 was so memorable and I found it hard to forget my Moalboal Adventure, I will definitely go back. From Dumaguete City, we had to take several rides to reach this place. But it was all worth it. We...
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Life is more fun in the Philippines

More fun in the Philippines
Have you ever wondered why the Philippines is one of the famous tourist attractions in the world?  Well I have a good answer for that. It is not just the natural attractions and wonderful view of God’s creation but also the hospitality of the people living here. We also value our families so much. I am a proud Filipino and I am proud to say that I am a resident here in the Philippines for 22 y...
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Rainy Season in the Philippines

Between the months of June to July here in the Philippines marks the start of the rainy season. That means that people staying here will have to live through going out everyday despite the rain and the occasional typhoon. It’s not something that we like and enjoy. College students are already aware of this situation because college students are still required to attend and show up in their cla...
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Philippine Government Administrative Divisions and Its Purposes

Philippine government chart
The Philippines is composed of different government administrative divisions aside from its 3 equally supreme branches known as the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch and the Judiciary Branch. The Philippine Administrative divisions are commonly known as the Local Government Units (LGU). The Local Government Units are further categorized into Autonomous Region, Provinces, Municipalities or C...
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Understanding the New Negros Island Region (NIR)

Map of the Negros Island Region
  The Negros Island Region is divided into two provinces namely Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental, with Dumaguete City and Bacolod City as their capitals respectively. Although the two separate provinces are located in one island, they formed part of two different regions. Negros Occidental belonged to Central Visayas Region (Region VII) and Negros Oriental was part of the Western ...
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Apo Island: Getting There and Getting to Know It

The rainy season is in, but for everyone who has a perpetual calling for the sea, Apo Island is the perfect place to be. With its collection of coral reefs and other deep sea adventure, Apo Island is a sure haven for anyone with an insatiable need for vitamin sea. Jump off point: Dumaguete City From Dumaguete City, take a bus going to Bayawan. The conductor usually asks where you want to b...
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Seafood in the Philippines

Seafood in the Philippines
Seafood in the Philippines: Seafood is really a big trend here in the Philippines. When you talk about seafood at any kind, it is present here in our country. Fishing is always the number one way of life here in the Philippines, that’s why Filipinos love seafood and you should also taste the Philippines seafood. The national fish is Bangus (milk fish) and is found on sale everywhere. It has ma...
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Aguinid Falls – Samboan Cebu

Aguinid Falls - Samboan, Cebu
Aguinid Falls: It is always nice to wander off from your comfort zone. For a resident of Dumaguete like me, I have been to several tourists spot around the province, thus the idea to cross our way to Cebu Island enticed me again. Last May 23, I and my travel buddies decided to have another trip in Cebu. This time, my brother came along with us. All together, we took off as early as six in the...
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