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Tejeros – Banica Swimming Lagoon

Banica Swimming Lagoon (known locally as Tejeros) is a great place for those steaming hot days as Valencia's cool climate and mountain rivers refresh you in these man made river pools. Entrance is just a couple of pesos each and cottage rental is 50 peso. We often visit here and bring our own food and drinks although there is a small shop selling basic snacks and semi-chilled drinks. Transportatio...
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Casaroro Falls

Casaroro falls is beyond what seems to be an infinate number of steps (actually 350) however I wasn't at all disapointed. At the bottom of the steps there's a short walk meandering through the valley and accross a minature suspension bridge, butterflies, birds and foliage line the path to the 90 degree bend in the river where, you can see the falls plummiting into deep pool. A short scramble over ...
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Twin Lakes of Balinsasayao

The Twin Lakes Balinsasayao are nestled in the midst of a lush nature reserve, preserving the rare birds and animals of the area. Rare trees and vines are also prevalent including the tallest of Philippine trees, the Almagica Tree. Another rare find is the Japanese Night Heron (Gorsachius goisagi) whose worldwide population is estimated at less than 1,000.   A small yet clean CR is available ...
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Sea Forest

Our visit to Sea Forest was as a party of 6 including 3 children. The children loved the pools and slides however the beach was a disappointment, being largely flat rock and stones. The restaurant was catering almost entirely for Filipino needs (download menu) which is OK for me but my children were not so impressed, opting instead to go to Chicken Jo's (next door). Sea forest is also a dry venu...
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Swan Lake Swimming Pool

Swan lake is a well maintained pair of swimming pools in the north of dumaguete. The pools are both clean and well designed although some of the tiles are a bit slippery near the edges. Chemicals in the pool are also quite strong, affecting both my friends on my own eyes within minutes. It didn't matter too much as we were only visiting for a short time but I would be caution on a longer visit. &n...
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Basdaku Beach Moalboal

Beach at Moalboal
Basdaku Beach, Moalboal: I am from Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental but I do love to travel and go out on adventures. So together with my friends, we went to Moalboal Cebu. Our trip last February 2015 was so memorable and I found it hard to forget my Moalboal Adventure, I will definitely go back. From Dumaguete City, we had to take several rides to reach this place. But it was all worth it. We...
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Apo Island: Getting There and Getting to Know It

The rainy season is in, but for everyone who has a perpetual calling for the sea, Apo Island is the perfect place to be. With its collection of coral reefs and other deep sea adventure, Apo Island is a sure haven for anyone with an insatiable need for vitamin sea. Jump off point: Dumaguete City From Dumaguete City, take a bus going to Bayawan. The conductor usually asks where you want to b...
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Chinese Bell Church

Bell Church - Dumaguete City
Chinese Bell Church You may have been to Dumaguete for a couple of times, but if you are like most people that visited, you probably missed one of the hidden gems of Dumaguete. Unlike visiting tourist sites, the Bell Church is populated only to those who are lucky enough to find it. A colorful landmark just over the southern tip of Rizal Boulevard. Along the main road stretching along the cit...
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Aguinid Falls – Samboan Cebu

Aguinid Falls - Samboan, Cebu
Aguinid Falls: It is always nice to wander off from your comfort zone. For a resident of Dumaguete like me, I have been to several tourists spot around the province, thus the idea to cross our way to Cebu Island enticed me again. Last May 23, I and my travel buddies decided to have another trip in Cebu. This time, my brother came along with us. All together, we took off as early as six in the...
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