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Mountain View Condos

The Mountain View Condos are a respite from the hustle and bustle from busy Dumaguete City. Situated at 15 minutes from the city one can find comfortable accommodations and simple living here, while spending a well deserved break for 6 months in the Philippines. Quiet, Country Environment Open Second Floor Balconies Overlooking Pool & Mountains 4.5 Km from Robinson...
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Travel and Tours

Wanting to travel around the Philippines or take a trip abroad? You can find a professional travel agent, tour guide, or someone to process a visa right here in our Yellow Pages; Orientwind Travel & Tours A full-service travel agency and tour operator for international and domestic ticketing, hotel bookings, packaged tours to international and domestic destinations, educational tours, pass...
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Dumaguete Cathedral Credit Cooperative

It was because of an urgent need to liberate a group of parents from the clutches of loan sharks and to give them and their children the chance for a more dignigied living that the organization of the DUMAGUETE CATHEDRAL CREDIT COOPERATIVE UNION (DCCCU) was conceived. Way back in the mid-60s, the socio-economic difficulties experienced by many families seriously affected the financial and educati...
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Dumaguete Port

Leaving Dumaguete Bohol Ocean Fast Ferries - Daily - 1hr 40m Dumaguete 07:30 am, Tagbilaran 09:10 am Dumaguete 02:20 pm, Tagbilaran 04:00 pm Weesam Express - Daily - 1hr 30m Dumaguete 01:15 pm, Tagbilaran 02:45 pm Cagayan de Oro ...
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Dumaguete Tourist Information

The Dumaguete Tourist Information Center is also at the same with the Dumaguete City Tourism Office where a lot of information is held about Dumaguete and is used as a gateway for a lot of destinations in Negros Oriental and the island of Siquijo. 9am to 5pm
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Tejeros – Banica Swimming Lagoon

Banica Swimming Lagoon (known locally as Tejeros) is a great place for those steaming hot days as Valencia's cool climate and mountain rivers refresh you in these man made river pools. Entrance is just a couple of pesos each and cottage rental is 50 peso. We often visit here and bring our own food and drinks although there is a small shop selling basic snacks and semi-chilled drinks. Transportatio...
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Ceres Liner

  Bus Terminal Dumaguete City Timetable and prices Dumaguete To Cebu - 4hrs 30m (approx) Dumaguete 4:30 am, Cebu 9:00am Dumaguete 6.00am, Cebu 10:30am Dumaguete 8.45am, Cebu 1:15pm Dumaguete 12.50pm, Cebu 5:30pm Dumaguete 2.30pm, Cebu 7:15pm Cebu to Dumaguete - 4hrs 30m (approx) Cebu 6.00am, Dumaguete 10:30am Cebu 10.00am, Dumaguete 2:30pm Cebu 1:00pm, Dumaguete 5:30pm Ceb...
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