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Understanding the New Negros Island Region (NIR)

Map of the Negros Island Region
  The Negros Island Region is divided into two provinces namely Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental, with Dumaguete City and Bacolod City as their capitals respectively. Although the two separate provinces are located in one island, they formed part of two different regions. Negros Occidental belonged to Central Visayas Region (Region VII) and Negros Oriental was part of the Western ...
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Bacong, Negros Oriental

San Augustine Church - Bacong
  A 10 minute ride south from the city of Dumaguete lies Bacong. Considered the smallest town in the province of Negros Oriental, yet this town has a lot to offer, tourism wise. It is accessible by private vehicles, tricycles and jeepneys or the bigger Ceres buses that ply the south bound route. Founded in 1801, this is the hometown of the revolutionary Filipino hero Pantaleon Villegas...
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How to Enjoy Siquijor Island in Less than 24 Hours

Siquijor Islands
Enjoy Siquijor Island... and on a pretty small budget. Siquijor Island is famous not only for its rich, mystical traditions, but also for its waterfalls, old churches, hilly mountains, and its rim of white sand coastline. The goal here is to experience all of these in less than one day. From Dumaguete City, a one-hour boat ride will take you to the port of Siquijor Island. Upon arriving ther...
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Canlaon City: Waterfalls of Mt. Kanlaon

Quipot Waterfalls The City of Canlaon is home to many waterfalls, the most popular of them are the Quipot Falls and the two waterfalls of Sudlon. Because of the mountain ranges that compose the geographical landscape of Canlaon City beginning with the world renowned Mt. Kanlaon, water spilling from the elevations and cascading down to the mountain rivers naturally become its tributaries. Quipo...
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An Overview

Dubbed as the “Marine Paradise of Central Visayas,” Siquijor was proclaimed a marine reserve and tourist destination in 1978 by Proclamation No. 1810. In line with this, the Philippine Tourism Authority was charged with converting it into a principal tourist zone. Siquijor Sights Siquijor is renowned for its scenic spots and antique churches. Aside from that, it is likewise endowed with natural ...
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Siquijor Town

Nice and Easy Town of Siquijor A good place to spend a vacation in is some place where time leisurely passes by almost unnoticed and the scenic surroundings simply wait to be stared at. The quiet town of Siquijor in the enchanting island of Siquijor is a perfect place to while time away. The busy and eventful days of the corporate life suddenly comes to a stand still in the slow pace of Siquij...
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Siquijor Pictures

Siquijor has a lot of viewpoints and nice places to take pictures, we rented a multicab and drove around the whole day with our cameras and had a great time. The Delta Lines pier is where you take the boat from Dumaguete to Siquijor, beware of the porters in the area they are known to hassle tourists going to Siquijor. Delta Lines Pier This is where you buy your ticket for the fast ferry be...
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Siquijor Overview

Siquijor is one of the many islands in the Visayas region that is blesses with clean white beaches, crystal clear seas and an animated marine life. It is situated southeast from Cebu and Negros and southwest from Bohol. Many have been lured by the island’s lethargic pace, the laid back atmosphere and most especially the rich and colorful underwater world – a haven for diving enthusiasts. Siquij...
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Siquijor History

A folk legend also has it that many nights ago when the magical island of Siquijor was still nowhere in the face of the earth, a great storm engulfed the Visayan region. Then there came a strong earthquake that shook the earth and sea. Amidst the lightning and thunder arose an island from the depths of the ocean’s womb which came to be known as the island of Siquijor. Oddly enough in the modern...
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