Safety in Public Transport Vehicles

When traveling in the Philippines using public vehicles, there are certain measures we need to observe for safety. Remember these measures when aboard public transport vehicles and travel will be safe and enjoyable.

Wait for public transport in designated places. Some cities strictly adhere to boarding rules. Wait for the public transport vehicle to stop at the designated place before stepping on its steps or platform landing, or even holding to any of its alighting gears.

Most public buses and jeepneys are known to move even while passengers are still standing and walking inside them. Some public transport even suddenly jolt for a fast start. So always hold on to something firmly fastened gears inside public transport vehicles.

Most public buses and jeepneys are also known to overtake and abruptly cut other vehicles in major roads and highways. Watch especially when they negotiate curves and U-turn slots, or when buses and cabs come rampaging down from flyovers. Make sure to find a secure lace to seat or stand. Hold on to something firmly fixed. In cabs, make sure to have the seatbelt on, and check the rear or front seats first before boarding. This is to make sure the cab is really empty. Check all locks.It also pays to get the plate and body number of the public transport vehicle and report it to the Metro Manila Development Authority through its hotline 136 or 8820877.

In public transport buses, it would be a safe choice to sit near the front, somewhere near the back of the bus driver. But don’t sit at the very front beside the bus driver seat. In head-on collisions the seat at the very front of public transport buses may prove lethal. Other seats lethal in a great impact collision are the middle and end part of a public transport bus. So it’s best to choose seats between the middle and the front of the bus. These seats are near the door of the public transport bus.

In a public transport jeepney, it’s safe to sit at the middle of the rear bench. Lethal collisions happen when the jeepney is hit head-on or at the tail end. Sitting at the rear bench near the driver is disadvantageous in an emergency. It is farthest to the rear exit.

Public transport vehicles are enjoyable and often safe vehicles. But to be doubly safe, it’s best to choose seats or places that afford more comfort and safety.

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