Tip on Van Rentals

A short or long distance group or family travel will be more enjoyable when everybody just sits back and relaxes while a rented driver drives a van rental. But one ought to know the rates in renting vans.

First, ascertain the terms for renting vans. How much is the rented van, is the fuel cost and toll gate cost (if any) included in the price? These are pertinent questions to ask when renting vans. Most rented vans have rates based on the distance of travel and length of time. For instance, renting vans around a city as big as Manila or Cebu City for half a day (8 hours) may cost from P1,500 to P2,000, excluding fuel. This is a good rate for renting vans. But some will insist on a P2,500 for a rented van for the same distance and time, and this will still be within reasonable rates for renting vans. The thing here is to have as many places visited in the city as possible within half a day. A rented van to get to the airport with some luggage at P1,500 may be a bit expensive, especially if it’s only a 3 to 5 kilometer drive. Renting vans at P800 to P1,000 is preferable for this purpose.

A whole day travel around the city is a different story. Charge for renting vans in this case is based on per 24 hours (overnight). Most rented vans charge P2,500 to P3000 per whole day—that’s from, say, 7am today to 7am tomorrow. Renting vans for provincial travels the whole day may cost P3,000 to P3,500. Provincial travels usually incur more expenses for the van owner, and thus, the more costly charge for rented vans. If the contract for renting vans is for a night (7am to day to 7am tomorrow) and the rented van exceeded use to, say, 7:30 am the following morning, there is a charge for each hour exceeded—and 30 minutes overdue may be considered as good as an hour due, in some contracts for renting vans. So clear these details.

Another thing to consider in renting vans is the driver. Driver’s pay is included in the rate for a rented van. But the meals and lodging are not. These have to be born by the renting party, as per contract in renting vans.

Still and all, a rented van is still the best option in both short and long distance driving. Everybody gets to sit back and relax while enjoying the ride.

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