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Silliman University

Considered to be one of the best and biggest universities in all of Asia, Silliman University has made Dumaguete a proud city. From its humble beginnings, it rose to the ranks and earned the title of being a “Center of Excellence” in the country.

Silliman University

Right in the heart of Dumaguete City is the internationally recognized Silliman University, established in August 28, 1901 by Protestant missionaries of the Presbyterian Church in the United States with the efforts of Dr. Horace B. Silliman thus making it the first Protestant school founded in the Philippines and the oldest American University in Asia.

Every year, Silliman University commemorates its Founder’s Day with a week-long celebration beginning with a traditional city parade. This event is one of the highlights of the year as the whole city joins in its festivities. Students, faculty members, locals, alumni and visiting guests flock to the gates of Silliman campus to be part of the merry making.

Silliman UniversitySilliman University was originally named Silliman Institute after its founder, Dr. Silliman. It began as an elementary school composed of only 15 all male students and having only the very basic amenities — several desks, a couple of tables and two chairs. The student population steadily increased as the years went on and in the year 1938, Silliman officially became a university. At present it holds a total population of 6,000 students and 500 faculty members.

Silliman Campus

The huge area of Silliman campus is a sprawling 610,000 square meters of prime land area dotted with full grown giant acacia trees. It has a state of the art auditorium for cultural shows & concerts, a museum, a huge library, an Olympic size swimming pool, archery range, tennis and pelota courts, football field, gym, chapels, a Protestant church, cafeteria, dormitories and faculty houses right within the university premises. Every college has its own building too.

Silliman University Courses

The courses being offered in Silliman University are plenty and diverse ranging from College of Education, languages, agriculture to psychology to management and law. Silliiman has consistently topped Accountancy, Nursing and Physical Therapy board exams in the country. The College of Performing Arts has also produced great names in the history of music education. Silliman is also known as one of the best schools in Marine Biology, having its own marine laboratory to boot.

Silliman university has come a long way from its beginnings in 1901. It has kept up with the demands of high quality education and has been recognized by the Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines as being a Center of Excellence. It is also among the top ten schools in the BPI Science Awards for student achievers. Recently, the Silliman Information Technology College also received a 100% rating from the same commission.The College of Agriculture was also ranked third in the country, proving Silliman University is among the best.

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is one of the colleges that Silliman University is proud of. During the early years of the College of Arts and Sciences, it was composed of the College of Sciences that was under the previous Department of Instruction and the College of Liberal Arts The following departments existed under […]
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College of Education

The College of Education is among the developed and old departments at Silliman University, Dumaguete. Silliman University started as an Institute where the first graduates were given their diplomas in the year 1924 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Education. From that time on, the Teacher Education Program at Silliman University developed and […]
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Department of Filipino and Foreign Languages

The College of Art and Sciences of Silliman University has a number of departments under it. One of these departments is the Department of Filipino and Foreign Languages. The Department of Filipino and Foreign Languages all started in 1917 when the Spanish language was taught as one of the subjects under the College of Art […]
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Katipunan Hall

Katipunan Hall / Mission Hall Its name was once the Silliman University Mission Hospital but was changed into the Katipunan Hall when hospital operations were discontinued and the building was then converted into learning classrooms. Katipunan Hall is located at the corner of Langheim Road and Hibbard Avenue. Most of the original structure of the […]
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Silliman Hall

The first building to be ever constructed in 1903, 2 years after the birth of Silliman Institute, was the Silliman Hall, a well-situated three storey edifice at the corner of Rizal Boulevard and Silliman Avenue with commanding views of the Dumaguete port and the Rizal Boulevard. It is, for the most part, a model of […]
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Silliman University Library

One of the largest buildings in the Silliman University campus in Dumaguete, the Silliman Library aims to be the resource center of excellence in the country. It now provides vast research materials and updated information to some 6000 students in the university. The Silliman Library The Silliman University Library is an impressive three storey building […]
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Silliman University Main Library System

Silliman University is a prestigious school in Dumaguete where many Filipino students as well as foreigners study. Within the huge campus of Silliman University in Dumaguete is the school’s library, the Silliman University Main Library System. The mission of the Silliman University Main Library System is to acquire updated resource materials in various facilities, formats, […]
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