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The first building to be ever constructed in 1903, 2 years after the birth of Silliman Institute, was the Silliman Hall, a well-situated three storey edifice at the corner of Rizal Boulevard and Silliman Avenue with commanding views of the Dumaguete port and the Rizal Boulevard. It is, for the most part, a model of American design and architecture fashioned like an old-world colonial mansion.

The Silliman Hall, being the only existing facility at that time, held the school library, classroom, faculty and other essential rooms in one roof. At the height of World War II, it was sequestered by the Japanese army and used as their sleeping and eating headquarters before they fled when the American forces came to the rescue.

Silliman Hall Today

Today the Silliman Hall is being used as an ethno-anthro museum where artifacts and archaeological discoveries dating as far back as 2000 years ago are on exhibit. There is also an ethnographic collection retrieved from the tribal minorities of the Philippines. It also houses the Silliman University printing press. During special events, the Silliman Hall serves as a venue for corporate dinners and social gatherings.

The Silliman University Campus is full of historical buildings with remarkable stories from the past. Silliman Hall is the first and oldest known building built in 1903.