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Settling in the Philippines as an expat is a great chapter in life. You may feel overwhelmed if this is your first time in a tropical country. An expat will have to adjust to the heat, crowds, humidity, noise, and traffic in the Philippines. But along the way, you may grow to feel at home in the Philippines.

One thing that concerns a newly arrived expat here in the Philippines is where to live. Staying for some time in temporary housing is a good move. There are a lot of hotels and short-term lease apartments in the Philippines that an expat can live in for some time.

It may take several days for household shipments to arrive in the Philippines, depending on the country that an expat is coming from. If you are coming from the East Coast of the United States, your household shipments will take six weeks to arrive in the Philippines. During this time, an expat will undoubtedly choose to stay in temporary housing and hotels where you already have some furniture to use.

When your household shipments arrive in the Philippines, getting them cleared by the Bureau of Customs can also take weeks. It is very helpful if your own company can assist you in the clearing process at the Bureau of Customs.

Every expat has his own story to tell about settling in the Philippines. Staying in temporary housing will make your family feel comfortable while you are house hunting, completing renovations, or expecting the Bureau of Customs in the Philippines to clear your household shipments.

The transition time of an expat may take much longer than expected. An expat’s family may call the hotel their home for several weeks but this doesn’t mean inconvenience. You may actually enjoy the hospitality and gracious room service of the hotels in the Philippines.

An expat must anticipate this period of transition in the Philippines. Bringing things that you immediately need in your suitcases for two months is advisable. It is also important to choose a temporary housing with a convenient location to help you accomplish your must-do things efficiently.

In the Philippines, there is a wide range of hotels and apartments that an expat can have as a temporary housing. There is always a place for an expat to stay that will fit the needs of the family, business necessities, and budget issues.

The ideal conditions for an expat’s temporary housing are: (1) it is convenient to an international school for the kids to study, (2) it is close to offices and business centers, and (3) there are nearby shopping centers where your daily necessities are available.

The transition time of an expat settling in the Philippines may take several weeks but finding the right temporary housing has never been a problem. You may come to realize that the Philippines can be called your home away from home.

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