Employment Opportunities

There are many expat workers in the Philippines who have obtained decent jobs that you can live by. Having jobs as an expat is not hard in the Philippines, but getting the job is probably harder. We will tell you what you need to expect if you are an expat worker trying to find jobs in the Philippines.

The Philippines does not have such a strict law when it comes to obtaining visas and you can easily get one and keep on renewing it or you could file for a residential visa if you have a wife or childĀ from the Philippines. The latter is a bit harder to obtain and also costs more. Philippines visas do not cost that much and the price ranges from $40 for three months to only $70 maximum.

The jobs that are offered for expat workers in the Philippines are plenty and you need to choose from a big variety. The most popular expat workers can be found in the entertainment and broadcasting industry such as television or radio broadcasting and jobs are also offered to disk jockeys for night clubs in Manila, Philippines. Popular jobs for expat workers are also higher positions as broadcasting managers or the like.

Since expats are foreigners in the Philippines, they can only invest in something once they have a wife or a front person that is used as a dummy. Expat workers can only invest a certain percentage into businesses and other jobs which is 30 percent while the rest has to come from a Filipino local. This is also why it is hard for a foreigner to manage or own a company in the Philippines, although these companies may provide jobs and improve economy, the expat still has to heed to the law.

Expat are also popular in jobs that are connected to organizations such as non-governmental units. These jobs could be organizations that enforce equality between men and women or it could be a organization that focuses its jobs on poverty and helping educating the poor or the like. These jobs are not the highly paid ones for expat workers, but are highly rewarding jobs in the social level.

An expat can also work in the embassy of the country of origin. Although this somehow defies the purpose of working in the Philippines, they still have to live somewhere in the Philippines and the jobs in an embassy can vary from field jobs to office jobs.

The jobs that are available for expat workers range and depend on the skills of the expat, but be sure that you will find something as an expat in the Philippines.

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        1. Those jobs have extremely low wages in the Philippines and you would have very little luck finding someone willing to hire a foreigner to do such a job. You likely would not be able to live on such a salary even if you could get one (at least not a life you would want to live).

    1. As retired military you stand a better chance of finding a job with a US contracting company that provides services in the Philippines. Searching for the jobs online is your best bet (such as Clearance Jobs, assuming you have a security clearance).

    1. The Philippines is a gold mine for outsourcing but as such there is a lot of competition. Wages are lower here compared to the western world so it would depend on which country your are coming from, don’t expect a western wage, it simply doesn’t exist for employees of outsourcing companies. You might be better off to partner with an existing outsourcing company if your skill set is excellent.

  1. I have extensive experience in customer service/sales and training in call centres, and I am currently located in Tambobo. Where would be the best place to look for work?

  2. I am in IT professional with 28 years of experience married to a Filipina with 1 son. We are looking to move to the Philippines due to the lack of family around in the States. Do IT professionals have a decent chance of finding work in the PI, especially in Cebu?

  3. Dummy ownership is illegal in the Philippines. If a foreigner is caught then it is INSTANT deportation.
    An expat can only apply for a work visa if he has an Icard. Immigration is currently cracking down on issuing these.
    The best way to get work is to apply outside the Philippines for a transfer to the Philippines with a foreign corporation already established here on a 2 year contract. You get paid in foreign money, outside the Philippines.

  4. There is NOT ONE SINGLE government organisation that promotes or enforces gender equality here. The UN only supports women and children. Look up RA9262 gender violence against women and children and you will soon get the picture.

  5. Warning to all expats
    Australian citizen Patrick Wilson and his paramour Charisse Lopez, residents of Ajong Beach have just had a case filed against them in Dumaguate City Prosecutors Office for “fraudulent mis-use of documents leading to coercion and blackmail”. They have now been reported to BIR, NBI, DTI and the mayoral office.
    If you choose to buy property or borrow money, or enter into any kind of business relationship, then please make sure you do your due diligence properly.
    Make sure you get Notarised legal documentation, and receipts issued by the BIR for any monetary transactions. Make sure everything you or they sign is witnessed and Notarised. If possible make sure your lawyer is present if you are involved in anything of a business nature.
    This warning is issued “without prejudice, and without malice”. The courts in time will make their own determination about whether to prosecute, or if there is no case to be found against them.

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