Climate and Clothing

When deciding to become an expat in the Philippines, among the many concerns that needs utmost attention is about the climate and clothing of an expat on a daily basis. As a tropical country, the climate in the Philippines is far different than in the United States where expats usually originate.

The average climate temperature in the Philippines ranges from 21 to 35 degrees Celsius or equivalent to 70 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. During summer season, expats will experience a temperature of about 37 degrees Celsius or 98 degrees Fahrenheit at mid-day.

The Philippines has two distinct seasons that expats will experience during their residency in the country. The months of June to November are the rainy months and the months of December to May are the dry months. The dry months in the Philippines are categorized into two periods. The cool dry months are from December to February and the hot dry months are from March to May.

Most shopping malls, theaters, and restaurants use air-conditioning units where expats can get a cooler temperature and escape the heat from the tropical climate outside. Hotels are also air-conditioned where expats can stay and be comfortable. More Filipinos use electric fans in their homes as cooling devices instead of air-conditioners due to high power costs.

If an expat wants to have air-conditioning unit in the home, it is advisable to use split-type air-conditioning units than the centralized ones to avoid high cost of electricity. For example, one air-conditioning unit in every bedroom, one in the living room, and one in the kitchen where an expat can turn it off when no one is using them to conserve electricity.

There are mountainous areas in the places where the climate is much cooler. Two popular places in the Philippines that have cooler climates are Baguio City, north of Manila, and Tagaytay City, south of Manila. Expats love to go to these places to experience a cooler and relaxing climate while in the Philippines.

Since the Philippines has a tropical climate, it is really necessary to wear clothes that are light, loose-fitting, and made of natural fibers that an expat may feel comfortable even under the heat of the sun. Shorts, T-shirts, and blouses are kinds of clothing that are recommended when an expat is on the move like traveling or even just staying at home.

The basic rule of clothing in the Philippines is that expats should dress comfortably and decency should be in mind. Do not go into malls dressed like you’re going to the beach. Conservative dressing should be observed by expats to be respected as well as to show respect to the Filipinos.

Climate and clothing are truly important issues that expats will have to deal while settling anywhere in the Philippines to be assured of a comfortable and convenient stay in a tropical country.

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