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Rainy Season in the Philippines

Rainy Season Dumaguete

Rainy Days

Between the months of June to July here in the Philippines marks the start of the rainy season. That means that people staying here will have to live through going out everyday despite the rain and the occasional typhoon. It’s not something that we like and enjoy. College students are already aware of this situation because college students are still required to attend and show up in their class despite the rainy season.  Rain and storms could really ruin the day. Getting soaked in the rain especially while you are on your way to work or school is not fun. Aside from the uncomfortable wet feeling, we might get sick causing us to be absent from work or class.

Unfortunately, we can’t stop the rain from falling, but we can still keep ourselves dry and safe from harm. With this rainy season we should definitely prepare, not just with things to keep us dry but also some outfits that can make this dull season cozy and chic. During rainy days the best way to prevent getting sick is to avoid going out of the house for too long and exposing ourselves to the weather conditions outdoors. A medicine cabinet containing medicines for cough, flu and fever must also be prepared. Storing vitamins in your medicine cabinet and consuming them is also a good idea.

Knowing that the Philippines is frequently visited by typhoons (or cyclones), it’s advisable to know the common diseases and health conditions that can be acquired during the bad weather.  This period of rainy events in the Philippines is one where many residents get sick. Usually, children and even adults would have illnesses like cough and colds and flu. Sickness prevents us from being productive and enjoying life. If you want to extend your life and enjoy more, think about health. Common illnesses and conditions during the can be prevented if you become conscious about little things that we usually ignore during ordinary days.

Rainy Day Comfort Food

Rainy Days Comfort Food

On the other side, we Filipinos love food; and like good music, we even have a sort of “playlist” specific for particular activities, weather and moods to enjoy the rainy season in Philippines. There are standard Filipino comfort foods we all love on a rainy day such as sopas, champurado, and goto. During the rainy season we all want one thing, heat. If summer is for cold desserts, shakes and smoothies, this cold weather is perfect for hot beverages that give you just the right amount of comfort. You can also invent your own hot drinks by using chocolates and cocoa powder. Trust me, it tastes good.

And lastly, we Filipinos are good and kind hearted people. We help each other when sad circumstances overtake us, which sometimes happens in a place prone to extreme weather such as typhoons. The rainy season does not need a selfish lad, so we lend a hand by volunteering to help those who are in dire need. We can start by segregating our old clothes, bags, books and other useful stuff that we can donate to those who have been gravely affected by the typhoon.