Pastry and Coffee Shops

Got a sweet tooth? Here are some of the city’s finest pastry houses that your tastebuds will sure to love but your weighing scale wont! Devour with utmost caution.


Lee Plaza and Hypermart

Breadworth is making really good unsweetened bread, wheat rolls, sandwich bread and a host of different smaller breads.

The specialty of Breadworth is the crack’de-sal it is like the Filipino pandesal but with less water so the crustis thicker and more crispy. Make sure you check the baking scheule what time these crackdesals are finished because they sell out really fast.


Hibbard Avenue, Dumaguete City

What began as a small hobby turned into a full time business for the proprietor of Ana Maria Bakeshop. For someone who really loved to cook and bake, she started out accepting orders from family and friends. Soon, more and more requests were coming in and before she even knew it, her kitchen was already getting too small for her growing business.

Ana Maria’s specialty is the Chocolate Cookie Monster cake, a super rich moist chocolate that simply melts in your mouth. Others swear by their chocolate fudge bars and nangka bars, both of which can be bought by piece or pack. Ana Maria also accepts orders for birthday and wedding cakes and cakes for other occassions. Choose from a huge catalogue of the classical or the trendy.

You can visit Ana Maria at any of these four branches:

#54 EJ Blanco Drive
Dumaguete City

The Lee Plaza Food Court
Super Lee Plaza Dept Store

Ground Floor (beside grocery section)
Lee Super Plaza Dept Store

The Hypermart -Lee Plaza
Barangay Bagacay, Dumaguete City

Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City

With the signature stripes blue and white color reminiscent of French sidewalk cafes, Sans Rival is a booming little big business that has been around for some 25 years.. The restaurant area appears small but sales amount to a staggering 5-figure amount thanks to its loyal staff and many patrons. You will be surprised to know that most of the staff has been with them since the very beginning.

Sans Rival also serves snacks and short orders like spaghetti and hamburger that has a very home cooked flavor. They also have a variety of coffee brews and flavors; you can smell its wonderful aroma at once upon entering its double glass doors. The interior is very daintily made up and is a very cozy setting for perking up with a cup of hot coffee and having your favorite dessert to match.


Perdices St., Dumaguete City

The ever famous commercial cake and pastry chain in the Philippines is now here in Dumaguete! When shopping in the city district, Goldilocks is right across Lee Super Plaza so you might want to drop in for a taste of their tempting display of sweets. They offer quite many options. They are also popular for their colorful birthday and wedding cakes as well as their brownies and other desserts.

Goldilocks has over 100 branches all over the country proving that its stability is derived from millions of satisfied customers.

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