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College of Education

The College of Education is among the developed and old departments at Silliman University, Dumaguete. Silliman University started as an Institute where the first graduates were given their diplomas in the year 1924 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Education.

From that time on, the Teacher Education Program at Silliman University developed and progressed. The first dean of the Department of Education at the Silliman University in Dumaguete is Dr. Clyde Heflin. In 1935, the Department of Education at Silliman University became the College of Education.

Since its beginning, the College of Education became the largest unit in Silliman University until 1951. The Education Building of the College of Education was renamed as the Heflin Hall, after the name of the first dean.

The College of Education at Silliman University has the following objectives:

(1) To provide an integrated curriculum for teachers on both General and Professional Education for the various levels of education like early childhood, elementary, and secondary.

(2) Develop competent teachers who know how to handle the teaching-learning process and have the capacity to lead in any organization or group.

(3) To produce teachers who know their responsibility and accept accountability for their actions and are committed to democratic living.

(4) To be continuously updated with any relevant programs that emerge today in association with the demands of education in other allied fields such as dietitians, guidance counselors, and librarians.

The Hibbard’s, the founders of Silliman University, firmly believed in Home-Making Skills and Family Life Education. They always known to have a cozy home, sympathetic ears, and an understanding heart to every student that comes. Because of these characteristics, the Silliman Institute in Dumaguete at that time was already prepared to embrace the home economics subjects that were offered to any school.

During the early 1930’s, the venue for all home economic activities was a bamboo and nipa building situated at the back of the Oriental Building. These efforts were rewarded in 1938 when the Silliman Institute was able to have its first graduates of Bachelor of Science in Education majoring in Home Economics or BSE-HE.

Today, the facilities for the Teacher Training Center of the College of Education at Silliman University is located at the Main Campus of Silliman University in Dumaguete where programs for graduates and undergraduates are available.

The Silliman University College of Education has a Department of Physical Education and Athletics, which is housed at the Silliman University Gymnasium. The Gymnasium is adequately equipped for various indoor sports events.

The College of Education at Silliman University in Dumaguete is doing their very best to produce quality teachers who are fully prepared to handle any teaching-learning process that will help mold the younger generation to be the hope of the future.