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Silliman University Library

One of the largest buildings in the Silliman University campus in Dumaguete, the Silliman Library aims to be the resource center of excellence in the country. It now provides vast research materials and updated information to some 6000 students in the university.

The Silliman Library

The Silliman University Library is an impressive three storey building located inside the Silliman University main campus. It holds a vast collection of 100,000 volumes of assorted books in a range of topics and languages. It owns special pamphlet collections specifically about Filipiniana, Southeast Asia and United Nations.

In a special air conditioned room in the building’s first level, the Sillimaniana Collection is being kept. Materials relating to the history of Silliman, plaques and special awards and merits that have been bestowed on the institution, precious photos that chronicle the life of the university, portraits of all past and present presidents and all printed materials produced by The Weekly Sillimanian publication and Portal, are all being preserved and well guarded.

Silliman University Library Goals

With a mission to be equipped with updated materials in various formats, facilities, and equipment comcombined by competent personnel, in support of the University’s quest for excellence in all its academic, research, and extension programs, the Silliman University Library is concerned with maintaining a smooth and streamlined library system that is both practical and functional not only for students but also for professionals, researchers and scholars here and abroad.

Its goal is to be an excellent resource center, providing fast and updated automated information and research services. When it started, the Silliman Library initially only had 2 book cases in a small room at the Silliman Hall. The collection grew constantly and has now reached to a hundred thousand books and the once small room has become a modern day multi storey building that is said to be one of the best in Southeast Asia bringing pride to the city of Dumaguete.

The library is manned by the main staff, and assisted by volunteer or working students. They oversee the general day to day operations. The Library also publishes the Silliman University Library Bulletin (SULB) which disseminates to the students; faculty and general public information on topics related to the library and its operations including a listing of newly acquired books and recently added library services and features.

Inside the library, individual study areas can be used by students. There are also faculty rooms available for use by faculty members who are doing research jobs and thesis. In addition there are two group discussion rooms found on the second level of the building for use in team research and study. Because these rooms are highly in demand, they can be availed of based on a first come first serve policy. Lastly, a photocopier is always on hand to cater to the copying needs of the students and researchers.