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Twin Lakes of Balinsasayao | Dumaguete Info

The Twin Lakes Balinsasayao are nestled in the midst of a lush nature reserve, preserving the rare birds and animals of the area. Rare trees and vines are also prevalent including the tallest of Philippine trees, the Almagica Tree. Another rare find is the Japanese Night Heron (Gorsachius goisagi) whose worldwide population is estimated at less than 1,000.

A small yet clean CR is available as are drinks and snacks. Tranquility is key here, interupted only by the sound of the birds and the fresh altitude air making it an ideal fishing location or getaway day-trip. The water is very refreshing if you like to swim but there are also some small boats and kayaks available for hire. Don’t forget to take your camera, you’ll need it!

The road to the lakes is a bit bumpy in places although perfectly traversible in the daylight, I would give yourself enough time to get back before sun down though as potholes and road builders holidays are numerous.

8am to 6pm – 7 Days
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