Anilao: The Enchanting and Beautiful Dive Sites

Anilao is a diving haven and paradise for local and foreign divers in the Philippines. All of the dive sites in Anilao are full of adventures and challenges as well as enchanting and beautiful that diving once will never be enough.
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Antipolo: The Pilgrimage City

A short distance from all the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila lies this Pilgrimage City of our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. The panoramic view, natural attractions and cool, breezy air makes Antipolo the destination of choice of the intrepid traveler.
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Baguio City: Summer Capital of the Philippines

The fresh, cool mountain breeze that greets you upon arrival in Baguio City is a refreshing prelude to all the historical and cultural treasures and Nature's entire splendor that this Summer Capital of the Philippines has in store for its visitors.
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Batangas: Industrial Port City of CALABARZON

Its transition to a progressive industrial port city of the CALABARZON Region has not obliterated the natural beauty of Batangas City. And, its legendary physical attributes continue to make it a tourist destination in its own right.
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Cavite: Birthplace of Philippine Independence

Cavite is a place with a glorious past where the country took its first baby steps towards being a free and sovereign nation. The historic relics of this birth place of Philippine Independence serves its purpose by reminding succeeding generations of Filipinos to nurture the legacy of freedom that they now all enjoy.
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Hundred Islands: Myth of a Hundred Promiscuity

Simple living seems to be the ideal life to live, but when the chance for wealth accumulation comes, other complicating woes seem to tag along. A myth on the Hundred Islands in alaminos, Pangasinan tells of a simple, perfect life demolished by the lures of wealth and its concomitant sins. It may be an idle myth, but the lesson is seen almost daily, anywhere even today.
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Tagaytay City: Center of Spiritual Retreat

The cool fresh air; the magnificent view of the famed Taal Volcano sitting amidst the placid Taal Lake; and, lush greenery make Tagaytay a convenient hideaway for Metro Manila urbanites seeking a weekend of relaxation or spiritual retreat.
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Tagaytay City: Tourist Spots & Stops

Tagaytay is one of the more popular tourist spots in the Philippines. People will love the view, countryside feel and the variety of activities and dining places that can be found here.
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Vigan: A Philippine Heritage City

Few places in the world can match Vigan in terms of its well-preserved ancient structures that make it an excellent showcase of a well-planned 16th century Spanish colonial town. Visit this World Heritage City, where time seems to have stood still, and renew your sense of history.
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