Metro Manila

Caloocan: Cradle of the Katipunan

If there is something that the people of Caloocan are proud of, it is the knowledge that their city is the home of heroes and the Cradle of the Katipunan. Visit this densely populated city; get a feel of the pulse of its people; and, reinvigorate your sense of history.
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Las Piñas City: “Home of the Bamboo Organ”

While the urban sprawl of Metro Manila has swallowed up the once bucolic coastal town of Las Piñas, this booming city has retained its own individual and distinct character. Don’t waste your trip to Metro Manila by not grabbing the opportunity to visit this home of the world famous Bamboo Organ.
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Makati: Financial Capital of the Philippines

Makati has the highest concentration of global companies, high-end commercial centers and posh hotels. Despite the pricey façade, great deals still abound, such as budget and mid-range hotels and restaurants that are increasingly becoming popular among people traveling on business or leisure.
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Malabon City: An Economic Coastal Hub

So little can be read about the bustling coastal city of Malabon except when perennial floodwaters transform the city into a local version of Venice. It has,however, a rich treasure of cultural practices and heritage sites that silently narrate its colorful history.
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Mandaluyong: “The New Tiger City of Metro Manila”

In less than two decades, the once sleepy, rustic town of Mandaluyong transformed into an economic powerhouse and rightly earned the monicker “New Tiger City of Metro Manila,” thanks to the influx of industries and commercial establishments. Visit this modern metropolis and enjoy its luxurious accommodations, elegant restaurants and warm, friendly people.
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Manila: Pearl of the Orient

The strategic location of Manila made it the gateway to other tourist destination points in the Philippines. But, the friendliness and charm of this historic and ancient city in the Far East offers a treasure of sights and experiences that are increasingly being rediscovered in recent years.
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While it is one of the emerging cosmopolitan cities in Metro Manila, Marikina has retained its rustic ambiance. Its ultra modern malls and parks combine in an interesting mixture with old heritage sites, antiquated houses and edifices.
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Muntinlupa: Emerald City of the Philippines

The ultra modern malls and swanky residential subdivisions of Muntinlupa are no different from what other modern cities have to offer. However, a visit to tourist spots inside the very prison complex that gave the Emerald City its past notoriety justifies your trip to Metro Manila.
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Parañaque City: Novena Mecca of Metro Manila

All roads lead to Parañaque every Wednesday as thousand of devotees flock to the Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Visit this Novena Mecca of Metro Manila and witness how religious beliefs have shaped the culture and traditions of the city.
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Pasay City: Cultural Center of Metro Manila

For Pasay, size does not matter. This tiny metropolitan city offers visitors a lot because it hosts the Philippines’ international and domestic airports, as well as most of the country’s showcase of its rich heritage of the arts, crafts and culture.
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Pasig: From Bucolic Town to Boom City

The city by the legendary river after which it was named has risen to become one of the fastest growing cities in Metro Manila. The transformation of Pasig City from a rural town to a modern metropolis is attributed largely to its close proximity to major transport routes such as EDSA and the Pasig River.
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Quezon City: “Hollywood of the Philippines”

Quezon City has long been established as the biggest highly urbanized modern city in the Philippines. Transport, accommodations and food joints are plentiful and you will love every minute viewing the city and its warm urbanites exuding with rustic charm.
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