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Dive the Wreck of SS Panay

The road taken by the Philippines towards progress has not been easy. The country has undergone a slow and difficult process in reaching what it is now today. But just like a pearl, it first passed through a difficult and painful period before achieving its status today as one of the best travel destinations worldwide.

When the Philippines was occupied by Japan during World War II, a great deal of events took place at the city of Sipalay in the province of Negros Occidental. The waters of the city served as routes for ships that were assigned to carry ammunitions over the Philippine islands. Along the way, some of these ships did not reach their goals. These ships were taken down by the enemy. One of the results of these disastrous events is the wreck of the SS Panay.

The SS Panay lies beneath the azure waters of Sipalay. At the present moment, this ship serves as an artificial reef for the rich marine resources of the province. For sure, tourists and guests will experience the colorful past of the country by conducting a wreck dive at this prestigious historical site.

Tourists and guests can wreck dive at the SS Panay to complete their stay in Sipalay. Some of the dive centers that offer wreck dive services to the SS Panay include the Artistic Diving Resort and the Sipalay Easy Diving and Beach Resort. This historic dive site provides guests with a taste at the colorful past of the Philippines.

In various cultures throughout the world, the wreck dive practice is regarded as one of the premiere water recreation activities. Through this practice, divers can take a closer look at the different sunken ships that lies on the sea floor. Divers are provided with an excellent chance to see the prosperous marine life of the province. They can also experience the beautiful sights provided by the sunken ships. Just imagine how fun and adventurous it is to swim through the remains of the SS Panay. Tourists can experience different kinds of challenges as they wreck dive through the azure waters of Sipalay.

To wreck dive at the SS Panay is to have a quick look at the colorful past of Sipalay. This dive site features a perfect mix of the historical relevance of the site with the abundant marine life inhabiting the area. The SS Panay is a sorry memory of how powerful the Japanese forces are during the World War II. According to sources, the site has maintained its good condition throughout the test of time. More than 60 years have passed and yet divers can still have a perfect glimpse of the past as they wreck dive under the waters of Sipalay.