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The Magic of Siquijor | Dumaguete Info

Despite the various technological advances that have been adopted and implemented by the Philippines, there are still several mysterious places that can be found in the country. There places were referred to as mysterious because several people barely know or have no idea at all regarding these places.

Siquijor – Magic and Mystery

Probably one of the best known among these places in the Philippines is the island of Siquijor. Many people have tried to document and explore what the mystery really is. Other people have even produced films that center on this mystery island. These evidences support the fact that people’s knowledge about this place is really limited.

The province of Siquijor is known throughout history for its mystery, along with the magic claimed by some of its local residents. These people use magic in doing their jobs serving as shamans, sorcerers and witches for those who are seeking their services. These are the reasons why Siquijor has been dubbed as the magic island.

According to people living around Siquijor, two kinds of witches exist in the province. These are the shamans and the sorcerers. These two groups usually fight against each other. The sorcerers seek to destroy or inflict harm while the shamans are there to heal and to save lives.

Mambabarang – The Local Sorcerers

Sorcerers are locally called the mambabarang. They use their powers to inflict pain, disease or even death to their clients’ enemies. According to sources, the services offered by the mambabarang usually cost between 6,000 to 30,000 pesos. Even people from neighboring provinces such as Dumaguete and Bohol are reported to seek the services of these so-called witches. People sought the black magic of the mambabarang for several reasons like retaliation to theft, land disputes and adultery.

On the other hand, shamans are referred to locally as the mananambal. They are local healers who use their magic to heal diseases and illnesses that are caused by supernatural causes. All the mananambals claim that their powers also come from supernatural sources like saints or the spirits of dead people.

These are the various aspects of magic in Siquijor. The magic and beauty of the place are some of the reasons why people are very much interested to the province. This captivating element of magic is so closely intertwined with the culture of its people that is why it magic is inseparable from the province. Another major reason why the element of magic is so important to the place is the employment that it has given to the many people living in the island.

Of course this situation is limited to some places only. Some other parts of Siquijor are already progressive and have already adapted to a life that is much very similar to those in other provinces. Nowadays, the element of magic is starting to become part of the very colorful culture and history of Siquijor.

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