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Stay Fit in Dumaguete City

Stay Fit in Dumaguete:

Stay fit in Dumaguete

Do you want to be fit or do you want to stay fit? Do you want to lose some excess pounds? Do you want to jog around a place where it is safe but challenging? If yes, then Dumaguete City is the right place for you. This city is not just known to be the City of Gentle People but it also known to offer a lot of nice experiences and activities. Aside from the fact that Dumaguete is now a booming city in the province of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete has more to offer.

Dumaguete has many areas for running, soccer, frisbee, basketball, volleyball, swimming, biking and other sports. If you want some muscle improvements, Dumaguete also has numerous gyms around the city. If you would like to learn arnis, taekwondo, swimming, table tennis, kickboxing and boxing methods Dumaguete also has some schools for this. There are also dance lessons and zumba classes. Triathlon events are also present here and Dumaguete has a number of triathletes. Every night, a group of runners gather and roam around the City. There is also a group of bikers. Here are some places, areas and fitness classes found in the city:


YMCA is located at North Road Piapi Highway Road, Dumaguete City. YMCA offers indoor and outdoor sports and other recreational activities.  Barangay and inter school games are usually held here.

Stay fit playing basketball at the YMCA

Basket Game in YMCA

Lamberto Macias Sports Complex

Big Basketball games are usually held here. Aside from this, other local events like concerts and parties are also held here.

NU vs SHAC game

NU vs SHAC game

Macias Sports Complex Oval

Just across the Macias Sports Complex is the Macias Sports Complex Oval. It is a modern and well maintained track oval. It is very clean and wide in space. Inside the oval area soccer and frisbee practices are present.

Stay fit - track and field

Macias Sports Complex

Silliman University Ball Field

Silliman University’s Ball Field is convenient for soccer games and track and field.

Panorama View of the field

Panorama View of the field