Aguinid Falls – Samboan Cebu

Aguinid Falls - Samboan, Cebu
Aguinid Falls: It is always nice to wander off from your comfort zone. For a resident of Dumaguete like me, I have been to several tourists spot around the province, thus the idea to cross our way to Cebu Island enticed me again. Last May 23, I and my travel buddies decided to have another trip in Cebu. This time, my brother came along with us. All together, we took off as early as six in the...
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Weekend Getaway: White Sand Bar, Manjuyod

Unlike metropolitan cities, Dumaguete is more relaxed, and life here moves at a steady, calm pace. However, the City of Gentle People is not spared from the hustle and bustle of an urban town. Days can be stressful, and during times like these, the perfect way to wind down is a visit to the beautiful white sand bar in Manjuyod. The best time to get the sand bar would be morning so the shoreli...
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How to Enjoy Siquijor Island in Less than 24 Hours

Siquijor Islands
Enjoy Siquijor Island... and on a pretty small budget. Siquijor Island is famous not only for its rich, mystical traditions, but also for its waterfalls, old churches, hilly mountains, and its rim of white sand coastline. The goal here is to experience all of these in less than one day. From Dumaguete City, a one-hour boat ride will take you to the port of Siquijor Island. Upon arriving ther...
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5 of My Favorite Restaurants in Dumaguete

Restaurants in Dumaguete
5 of My Favorite Restaurants in Dumaguete: Your visit in Dumaguete would not be complete if you won’t dine out in the city’s several well known restaurants. The price range depends on the kind of establishment and the services offered. I am a resident here in Dumaguete for almost 22 years and in my  entire stay here, I have tried and frequented several restaurants. Based on my experience, I can...
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Habhaban Cave and Underground Waterfalls – Bayawan City

Photos of Habhaban Cave
Habhaban Cave and Underground Waterfalls I just want to share with you my experience in exploring a very big cave. I had so much fun with my family. We went to Bayawan City, a nearby town here in Dumaguete City Philippines. The idea of walking kilometers uphill and crawling through small cracks, crevices and in neck deep waters inside a pitch-dark cave was certainly not on my bucket list. ...
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Silliman University

Silliman Students Preparing for Parage
Silliman University There’s so much to talk about this Christian School Silliman University. This University is the first University in Dumaguete City. Established in 1901 as Silliman Institute by the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, it is also the first American university in the Philippines and the entire Asian continent. Students who would enroll here are called Sillimanians. Studen...
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Negros Island Region (NIR)

The Negros Island Region (NIR) is now official.   MALACAÑAN PALACE MANILA BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 183 CREATING A NEGROS ISLAND REGION AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES WHEREAS, Article X, Section 4 of the Constitution provides that the President shall exercise general supervision over local government units; WHEREAS, the administrative region...
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Philippine Laws You Should Know

Philippine Law
There are several Philippine laws you should know about that likely differ from laws your home country. Many of expat have found themselves in legal trouble (both criminal and civil) because of their ignorance from the law. Here is a list of laws that a person should know before relocating to the Philippines. Some of these are not heavily enforced but you should still take note as they could be u...
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Welcome to Dumaguete Info

  Dumaguete City One of the top destinations in the country especially for divers and nature lovers is Dumaguete City. It is not only a place to reminisce the old Spanish times, rather it’s also a perfect summer getaway to relax and be in one with the wonders of the nature. The province of Negros Oriental is composed of 20 municipalities and 5 cities, the center of which is Dumaguete C...
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