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Seafood in the Philippines

Seafood in the Philippines: Seafood is really a big trend here in the Philippines. When you talk about seafood at any kind, it is present here in our country. Fishing is always the number one way of life here in the Philippines, that’s why Filipinos love seafood and you should also taste the Philippines seafood. The national fish is Bangus (milk fish) and is found on sale everywhere. It has ma…
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Bossing Tempura in Dumaguete City

Delectable but Inexpensive Food and Delicacies Your visit in Dumaguete would not be complete if you can’t go around the city for some awesome food stops that are sure to make super delicious memories for any traveler. There isn’t a food joint here you won’t appreciate. If you are in a budget, there are some restaurants around the City that offers delicious but inexpensive food. Here’s a list o…
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Restaurants in Dumaguete

5 of My Favorite Restaurants in Dumaguete: Your visit in Dumaguete would not be complete if you won’t dine out in the city’s several well known restaurants. The price range depends on the kind of establishment and the services offered. I am a resident here in Dumaguete for almost 22 years and in my  entire stay here, I have tried and frequented several restaurants. Based on my experience, I can…
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